The Team

The company disposes of a specialists team, witch trough aptness and professionalism, carries out high quality projects and services, conforming the actual standards.

The company's activity is led by highly technical trained managers, specialized in Quality Assurance. Under their mastership lays compartment heads witch are also highly technical skilled engineers, overseers,fitters... well trained and with experienced in fields like power/energy, buildings and installations, skilled workers in the above mentioned fields.

S.C. TEME HTI S.R.L. represents the acknowledgement of a successful entrepreneur on the estate development in Romania.

Open positions


Established since 2007, S.C. TEME HTI S.R.L. finds itself between the top constructions companies, as a General Antrepreneur, responding professionally to its cliens increasing demands.

We have a private owner's equity with the main objective regarding consulting and civil, industrial and urbanistic builds turnkey handover, also in developing real estate projects.

The company's perfomance is brought by its mother company, TEME - CH. TH. IOAKEIMIDIS, based in Athens-Grecee. Here,amoung others, TEME - CH. TH. IOAKEIMIDIS using high-end technology, developed large projects, like: The 3-6 (Alimos) departmens, the Atic tram (partial budget: €12.300.000), DELTA-TAUROU 7500m2 plumbing, electric network (buget €6.450.000), DELTA-ΑG. STEFANOU 3500 m2 plumbing, electric network (budget €2.000.000;), DELTA-THES/NIKIS 2100 m2 industrial equipment (budget €780.000), SARANTIS AEVE 1500 m2 logistics equipment(budget €350.000), VIOHALKO(Marousi) various equipment 1850 m2 (budget €970.000), G.P.N. ALEXANDROUPOLI 82.000 m2 hospital equipment(budget €36.680.000), SOFITEL HOTEL 9500 m2 various equipments(budget €27.800.000).



Our main objective is to provide high quality services regarding QA with the client demands, with the legal requests si applyable reglementations also to increase customer satisfaction.

To develop long term relationships with clients, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors. To create an atmosphere whereby the firm and its associates offer a quality, timely performance at a reasonable price.